Find your urban green space

In choosing the name imby, we were not only making a play on “NIMBY” (after all, who would object to a cleaner, greener place in which to live?), but we were also looking for a different way to describe the urban green spaces that are available to us all: while we want people to garden, we don’t believe you need a garden to do so. But how do you talk about gardening without mentioning gardens?

imby sees the whole world outside your door as your “back yard”. Our aim is to help you find spaces in your urban environment which are already green, or that we can help you make green. Whether you’re lucky enough to have a garden of your own, a patio for some pots, a window box for some flowers, a local allotment, or access to a local park, it’s the finding and making of these spaces that matters.

Why does this matter? The benefits of urban green spaces are well understood and include: enhancing the health and wellbeing of those of us who live in urban environments; impacting upon our health by improving air quality and reducing urban temperatures; helping to mitigate climate change through carbon storage; and reducing the likelihood of flooding by storing excess rain water.

Rather than assuming you don’t have access to these benefits, we’ll show you how to make green spaces in your back yard wherever you find them.

Not only this, looking beyond the personal benefits, all these spaces combined create a valuable resource for the natural world. A connected ecosystem for wildlife that is often highly mobile and transitory, as well as the people who live in it.

Which is all a roundabout way of apologising if we sometimes use the word “garden” too much when we talk about what we’re up to - we’re not meaning to exclude all the other green spaces. In fact, we’re keen to have them all added into the mix so even if your green space is a single pot of lavender in a window-box, we can show how you are contributing to the whole.

Nic Mason


Nic is the CEO and cofounder of Prior to founding imby, he worked at an energy management startup for several years, and has spent the last decade working in the areas of carbon, energy and sustainability.