Introducing imby – what can I do in my back yard?

imby was born from a simple question: as a city dweller who cares about the environment, what can I do to bring nature into the local, urban spaces in which I live?

I found myself looking out at my garden wondering what would be best to plant to help support wildlife, or improve air quality, or fight climate change, or… and while there was plenty of online advice to be found, little if any took into account my individual circumstance, making it difficult to understand what actions would be best given my location.

Our world faces a unique set of near-term challenges. Unprecedented environmental threats such as climate change, biodiversity decline and loss of wildlife habitat, combined with accelerating global urbanisation, means that at the very point we need to engage with environmental problems with real urgency, we find ourselves the most disconnected we have ever been from the natural world.

Even if we do wish to actively engage as individuals, it is very difficult to figure out precisely what we can do in our own specific urban environments, and almost impossible to understand whether our actions have had a positive impact.

However, it’s not all bad news. Cities can be good for biodiversity, and in many ways can be better than the intensively farmed agricultural land that surround them. Attitudes are changing, society is increasingly environmentally aware and looking to make positive change. We now recognise that nature and green spaces are vital for the health and wellbeing of people everywhere; planners, architects and developers have accepted the challenge and are designing ways to make room for nature in the built environment.

So this is where imby comes in: we provide a mobile app that helps individuals who want to help bring back nature into our urban environments.

How does imby help? To begin with, we encourage you to get out into whatever urban green space you have available to you, whether this be a garden, balcony, patio or even your local park. Then we provide you the support and confidence to get your hands dirty.

In other words, you tell us what plants you have or want to have, and we’ll help you look after them.

Why start here? Research shows gardening even a little bit is hugely beneficial to you and the nature around you. You don’t have to be a world class wildlife gardener to have a positive impact, you just need to get out there and start inviting nature back in.

We’ll show you how.

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Nic Mason


Nic is the CEO and cofounder of Prior to founding imby, he worked at an energy management startup for several years, and has spent the last decade working in the areas of carbon, energy and sustainability.